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Piping Solutions

Pipe measuring technology

Quality assurance • Process optimization • Reverse engineering
Regardless of whether you want to measure single bends, complex pipe shapes or planned pipe courses.
With its various TUBOSCAN systems TT provides an optimum solution for every measuring job. The integrated, tried and tested TeZetCAD pipe software always delivers reliable and precise measuring results.
Optical pipe measuring within the blink of an eye
The innovative optical measuring system TUBOSCAN S allows for fast and precise measuring of pipe figures within only few seconds. The system is available with different measuring volumes. An individual, application-specific design is also possible.
High-precision portable measuring arm system
This TUBOSCAN measuring system consists of a ROMER Absolute Arm and the TeZetCAD software pack. It combines highest precision with compact and lightweight design. It can be used with tactile probes, pipe measuring fork or laser scanning system. Different measuring ranges and accuracy classes available.
TeZetCAD - one software for all TUBOSCAN systems
Central part of all TUBOSCAN measuring systems is the tried and tested TeZetCAD software, which provides the user with numerous pipe-specific measuring and evaluation functions and even copes with difficult measuring tasks.
Measuring table for pipe bends
The TUBOCONTROL measuring table allows for fast measuring of bending angles at simple pipe geometries. A common practical application is the determination of the pipe's springback after bending.
Automated isometric sketching for template pipes
Isometric data of planned pipe courses (template pipes) between two connecting points (flanges or sleeves) can be generated quickly and precisely on-site by means of the SCOPELINK device.

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